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Everything (T-Shirt/Split with Casual Nausea CD/Patch)

£10.00 / On Sale

Get one of of everything for the discount price of £13 + £2.70 p&p.
You get:

* Black Cyclepath T-Shirt with White Print (Black)
* Our split CD with the mighty Casual Nausea released September 2015.
* Random Patch Design
* Some extra goodies

Manufactured Fully Professionally CD with
Sleave, lyrics sheet, printed inner and outer sleeves.

Includes unlimited streaming of Chewed up​/​Casual Nausea split.

"The songs are ferocious, passionate and work bloody well. Loud and brutal at the right points."
Lights Go Out

"The CD came.. I played it.. My ears bled. Cheers mate"

"The bastard offspring of Discharge and King Prawn, but a hundred times more pissed off, 5 out of 5"
All The Time I Was Listening...

"It is a fantastic EP and I am pretty blown away by both bands..."
Issue Punk Zine

"Both bands manage to bring something unique to the split, with CHEWED UP providing rampant energy and CASUAL NAUSEA more 80s d-beat nostalgia; I’m impressed."
Get Tanked

"They have them screaming vocals that are like a cross between the witch out of Leftover Crack and the annoying one out of ENT"
Savage Amusement

"Fuses a barked, Leftover Crack vibe with the distorto-rage of Disorder and the intensity of Stampin’ Ground"
Scanner Zine